Why This Site Exist ?

The main motive of this site is to collect the information from the end users. Information is like any issues/problems you see around you, any changes/improvements you want in the existing one of any area nearest to you or in India. We would like to request to you to put your suggestions on this site as much you see around you. This may be related to any area which presents in India like Education Related, Unemployment Issue, Corruptions and there are too many categories listed on this site.

We all know for solving problems around you, there must be a list of that. So We are through this site collecting information from you to make that list. We all know our Indian government has their people working hard to solve citizens problems as much as possible and providing their support to individuals. People want corruption free India But Corruption still exist there, No one is reporting anywhere they are just involved very badly and heavily. On this site, you can report any kind of problems/corruptions incident occurring in front of you or with you. It is not about only curruption, too many areas having gaps so other areas may cover.

To getting the resolution of these too many problems, We will contact the respective private/government body. At starting no government body will focus but as per we believe If there would be a lot of problems in any area they would definitely work on and provide proper resolution. So We would request you to keep posting your suggestion or problems. We have further plan to bring this project at the next level to work on incidents or problems live feeds as other social network sites are working like twitter/facebook.

DSahu & Team

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